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Hardwood flooring can be installed pre-finished or finished-in-place. We supply, install, finish and refinish all types of real wood flooring. Solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring both have their benefits. If you prefer to purchase the hardwood yourself we can advise you on the requirements and costs for your particular installation. Most engineered hardwoods will be easier to install than solid wood and therefore save installation costs. We also install, touch-up and maintain vinyl ‘click together’ and other pseudo wood flooring products.

The installation of hardwood requires a stable sub-floor. Squeaks, humps, improperly driven screws and nails all need to be fixed prior to laying the new floor. Humps can sometimes be ground down but often a self leveling compound is necessary to fill hollows. Failure to properly prepare the sub-floor will lead to gaps, cracks, rocking boards, squeaks, popping and humps in the finished hardwood.

Wood or metal transitions and borders need to be determined prior to the installation. Flush transitions are custom milled from the flooring material but sometimes pre-milled reducer transitions (between differing floor covering heights) can be purchased. Occasionally a metal transition, Schluter type, will be used for a fine detail edge at tile or stonework.

Wood borders, such as around fireplace hearths, stonework, tile or other inlayed materials can be added to your floor. Baseboard, between the floor and walls, can be installed before or after a hardwood floor. When hardwood flooring is installed after the baseboards a shoe molding or built up baseboard profile is added. The additional moulding between the baseboard and the hardwood can add style to a room while hiding gaps and cracks.

Maintenance and Refinishing

Both solid and engineered wood floors can be maintained and refinished to extend the life and beauty of the wood floor. The use of felt pads on furniture as well as carpets and stair runners are all important parts of maintaining your floor. We do not recommend floor polishes or waxes as they generally are not needed on modern wood floors and interfere with refinishing. We recommend the Bona™ Pro Series Hardwood Floor Care System available from Quickway®. After a few years, depending on usage, any deep scratches can be touched up and a full clear coat applied to the floor to maintain the fresh new look of your hardwood floor.

Older floors may be sanded to bare wood; cracks filled, broken, stained or undesirable boards replaced, squeaks fixed and then refinished to look like new. A floor can be refinished to its original condition or stained darker or lighter to look like an entirely new floor.

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